Supplier and Service Agent for
Industrial Equipment Made in Europe.

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Roots and Spirit of a Family Business

Huynh Bang's company name originates from Mr. Huynh Van Bang, who ran a family business under his name.

Huynh Bang was known in the area for supplying the local area and its restaurants with ice cubes and soft drinks.

In that time, as one of the eldest children, Huynh Van Ngay grew up with the entrepreneurial spirit of a family business and learnt to be proud of a flourishing business.

Supplier and Service Agent of Industrial Goods

After receiving a scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (Germany), Mr. Huynh Van Ngay moved to Germany, finished his studies and worked and lived there for 35 years.

But Mr. Huynh never lost his ties and network in Vietnam during that time. Finally, when Vietnam started its Open Door Policy in the late 1980s, Mr. Huynh recognized a lot of opportunities to contribute to the development of Vietnam. With his Engineering background Mr. Huynh started to import German-made Machinery into Vietnam and sold them over his network.

This business model proved to be successful and so Mr. Huynh Van Ngay returned to Vietnam in 2003 and re-established Huynh Bang Company (HBC), in memory of his father.

HBC started as the distributor of WEISHAUPT burners and quicky expanded its product range around the burner by adding burner oil supply pumps and pumping stations from hp-TECHNIK and STEIMEL.

As most burners were mounted on a boiler, HBC soon added related products around the boiler with JUMO temperature and pressure limiters and BAELZ controllers and control valves.

In the meantime HBC also diversified horizontally by adding VEGA level sensors in 2007.

Latest additions to HBC's product range are QUANTROL and SCHMIDT Technology in 2012.

Growth along with Vietnam's growing Industries

Vietnam has been known as a thickly-populated developing country which had been struggling for the past 30 years due to war, loss of financial support and the centrally-planned economy.

But after slowly stabilizing the economy, Vietnam has proven to be one of the few fast-growing countries in the world. A number of industrial zones and major economic zones have been established in the country with a focus on food & beverage, garments, shoes, mining, coal, steel, cement, oil and paper.

After joining the WTO in 2007, foreign trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) have significantly improved in Vietnam.

Of course as an emerging market, key challenges remain for Vietnam, such as poor infrastructure, inflation, bureaucratic backlogs, environmental protection and limited transparency and predictability.

Nevertheless, with the expected rising FDI on the one hand and more local investment on the other hand as well, the overall business outlook for Vietnam looks bright. HBC has grown along with Vietnam's industries and looks forward to continuing so.