Supplier and Service Agent for
Industrial Equipment Made in Europe.

Room 505, Fideco Riverview Building
14 Thao Dien Street, Thao Dien Ward
District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel.: +84 (0)28 3744 9002
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Huỳnh Đăng Khoa

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Khoa is responsible for the profitability and the operational leadership of the company.

He oversees all sales & marketing related activities as well as the day-to-day business. Khoa stands in direct contact with all German suppliers and is accountable for the overall success of the brands. The Product Managers and Sales Team reports directly to him on those acitivities.

Khoa was born and raised in Germany and moved to Vietnam in 2010. He uses his German-Vietnamese background and the understanding of both cultures to grow the business of customers, suppliers and HBC. 

Khoa graduated from Muenster University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and holds a degree in Business Administration. He speaks fluent German, Vietnamese and English.

Please contact Khoa under

     Tel.:     +84 (0)28 3744 9002 Ext.: -45
     Mobile: +84 (0)933 083 286

for the following inquiries:

  • Request for Quotations (RFQ)
  • Pricing

Tôn Nữ Quỳnh Hương

Deputy Director

As Deputy Director, Hương is responsible for the financial management of the company and oversees all financial and administrative activities as well as human resources.

Hương continuously improves administrative and accounting processes to maximize efficiency and growth of the organization, while ensureing its long-term sustainability.

Hương is also responsible for human resources planning and management. She oversees the implementation of the human resources policies, procedures and practices including the development of job description for all staff.

Hương has a multicultural background, having been educated in Vietnam, the United States and Australia. She holds a business degree in Management & Human Resource Management from Curtin University (Perth, Western Australia). Prior to joining HBC Hương has worked as a consultant, helping foreign companies with their market entry into Vietnam and managing their local operations.

Please contact Hương under 

     Tel.:     +84 (0)28 3744 9002
     Mobile: +84 (0)908 223 734

for the following inquiries:

  • Legal issues
  • Commercial contracts
  • HR related issues

Finance & Accounting

Nguyễn Thị Từng

Senior Accountant & Logistics Manager

Ms. Từng prepares, examines and analyzes accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards.

Từng also analyzes business operations, trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and obligations, to project future revenues and expenses or to provide advice.

She develops, maintains and analyzes budgets, preparing periodic reports that compare budgeted costs to actual costs and reports to Management regarding the finances of the company.

Additionally, Từng plans and manages the movement of goods in the supply and distribution chain.

Please contact Ms. Từng under

     Tel.:     +84 (0)28 3744 9002 Ext.: -40

for the following inquiries:

  • Invoices
  • Tax & Accounting
  • Logistics

Technical Support & Service Team

Nguyễn Văn Bảo
Bảo & Service Team

Technical Support & Service Manager

ecom Product Manager

Well knowing that "a product is only as good as its service", Bảo was recruited from the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) where he graduated in Heat-Refrigeration Engineering. He has written his thesis about the "Calculation and Design of a Gasifier Equipment System to provide Heat and Electricity out of Rice Husks as a Renewable Energy Source."

Having gained experience after several years servicing in the field, Bảo is now responsible for managing, training and continuously improving the Service Team and ensuring the Team's efficient and profitable operation by satisfying customers and enhancing customer relations. 

He monitors if all internal processes and procedures are implemented and used effectively by the Service Team.

Bảo is also Product Manager for ecom and therefore understands rbr's products. He develops and conducts product trainings for the Sales Team to provide them with the necessary technical skills  to support, consult and quote to the customers.

Bảo products are related to certain industries and key accounts. Therefore, Bảo takes personal care of our customers in the Environmental and Testing industry. Sometimes Bảo is required to go on sales calls with the Sales Team for support.

As Product Manager, Bảo is also responsible for analyzing market conditions and studying competitor products and trends to develop and suggest pricing and strategies.  

Please contact Bảo under

     Tel.:     +84 (0)28 3744 9002 Ext.: -30
     Mobile: +84 (0)938 800 173

for the following inquiries:

  • Technical support for on-site instruction
  • After-Sales-Service
  • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)
  • Request for Quotations (RFQ)

Strategic Partners

NL Industrial Automation

HBC is partnering with NLiA in projects in which PLC & HMI modification or programming are needed.

Most common application areas:

  • Process Control
  • Batch Control
  • Utility Monitoring and Utility Consumptions
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Refrigeration Control
  • MES / MIS

NL Industrial Automation Co. Ltd is a foreign investment company, serving Vietnam and International reputed clients in variant sectors, namely Food & Beverage; Cement; Consumer Products; Pharmaceutical; Water & Waste Water Treatment; Packaging.

NL Industrial Automation has the expertise to answer plant automation needs from control system design, programming, commissioning, remote location support and maintenance services to panel fabrication, training and documentation.

Using the latest advanced technology and equipment enables NL Industrial Automation to help customers improve productivity and quality, reduce downtime and waste, and increase efficiency and safety with the best services.

HBC has already successfully completed a project in which HMI modifications were made to optimize the process after HBC's VEGA level sensors were installed.

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Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City

Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) is one of the largest and most recognised technical universities in Vietnam.

IUH offers a degree in "Heat-Refrigeration Engineering" which fits perfectly the requirements and qualification needed in HBC's Thermal Division. Our Thermal Sales and Service Team was almost completely recruited from IUH which has proven to be a success. 

Quickly a relationship of university-and-industry-knowledge transfer has been created between IUH and HBC in terms of combustion and efficiency know-how.  


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