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MEISTER visit by Mr. Dietmar Gierlich in June 2022

FLEXIM visit by Mr. Deono Suryadi in May/June 2022

VEGA Technical Seminar Asia July 2018 (Ho Chi Minh City)

K-PATENTS Asia Sales Meeting 2017 (Shanghai)

Viessmann In-house Sales Training 2017

Viessmann visited Huynh Bang with Export Business Development Manager Mr. Dincer Durukafa, Managing Director Rep Office Thailand Mr. Stefan Dittrich and Project Manager Ms. Parinat Hemphak.
Dincer explaining boiler and combustion technology in more detail.
Huynh Bang Team is learning about the high efficiency of Viessmann boilers.

Group photo after a long training.
Group photo 2.

KEM Asia Sales Meeting December 2016 (Kuala Lumpur)

VEGA Customer Seminar "Radar Level Measurement with 80 GHz" August 2016

Thuỷ and Nguyên from the Sales Team welcoming our guests.
Hương seating the first arrivals.
Julian Armbruster (VEGA Area Sales Manager), Clemens Hengstler (Product Manager for Radar Technology at VEGA) and Khoa (Huynh Bang) are ready to begin the customer seminar.
Clemens is confident that the 80 GHz technology will bring a lot of benefits to Vietnam customers.
Khoa welcomes our guests and opens the seminar.
Customers from various industries participated in this seminar.
Khoa introduces Mr. Clemens Hengstler (Product Manager for Radar Technology at VEGA)
Khoa introduces Mr. Julian Armbruster (VEGA Area Sales Manger for Asia).
Julian introduces VEGA based in Schiltach (Germany) and the plics concept while Vũ is translating into Vietnamese language.
Clemens introduces the new VEGAPULS 64, the first radar level sensor with a frequency of 80GHz for liquids.
The good signal focusing of the new VEGAPULS 64 and small beam angles down to 3.3° now enable reliable level measurement inside tanks with many vessel internals (e.g. agitators, heating coils, ladders, ...).
Clemens demonstrates successful measurement through glass.
Customers were interested, asked good questions ...
... and provided valuable feedback.
Also, small coffee breaks in between were a good opportunity for more detailed discussions...
...and to get to know each other better.
Julian and Clemens simulate build-up on the antenna of the sensor...
...and customers can see the effect on the echo curve in real-time.
Clemens demonstrates that 80 GHz radar sensors can successfully measure from mounting sockets.
There is even a reliable measurement from this long socket because no multiple echo reflections are caused at a frequency of 80 GHz used by the VEGAPULS 64 and 69.
The VEGAPULS 64 can measure the level in small vessels such as a beer barrel. The result is displayed via bluetooth on a tablet.
Julian and Clemens discuss with customers.
Group photo with participants who stayed until the very end.
Farewells and until next time.

ecom by rbr Customer-Seminar May 2015

On the first day Area Sales Manager Mr. Andreas Dassel conducted an internal Sales Training Update for Huynh Bang.
Andreas, Khoa and Bao getting ready for the Customer-Seminar on the second day.
Mr. Andreas Dassel introduces rbr and its product range.
The presentations were translated into Vietnamese.
ecom instruments by rbr fulfil the requirements of the German EN 50379.
Explaining the path of the flue gas and the working principle of our ecom flue gas analysers.
All of rbr's flue gas analysers are 100% calibrated in a climatic chamber at 3 different temperatures.
Bao shows our flue gas analyser's measuring probe.
The measuring probe in more detail.
Bao shows a remote wireless display for the analyser.
During coffee break seminar participants had the opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts.
After the coffee break the participants werde divided into 3 small groups.
Every group had the opportunity to use our 3 demo flue gas analysers to get hands-on.
Group 1 inspecting the ecom-EN2-F, flue gas analyser designed for travel in hand-luggage size.
Groups 1 and 2 getting familiar with our ecom-EN2 instruments, which are compact and very robust.

rbr Distributor-Meeting 2013 (Bangkok)

Distributors from all Asia met in Bangkok for the 1st rbr Distributor-Meeting.
rbr's whole ecom range was brought to Bangkok for a hands-on experience.
rbr Sales Director Mr. Christoph Weiland introducing the Expert versions of the ecom instruments that are very suitable for the demands of boiler or burner OEMs.
rbr Area Sales Manager Mr. Andreas Dassel introducing rbr novelties. In this case the ecom-DP Profi Pressure Check Set for the adjustment of burners and boilers.
All participants received certificates for this meeting and seminar.
Group photo with rbr and Huynh Bang representatives (from left to right): Mr. Nguyễn Văn Bảo (Product Manager Huynh of Bang), Mr. Christoph Weiland (Sales Director of rbr), Mr. Frank Binz (Managing Director of rbr), Mr. Huỳnh Đăng Khoa (General Manager of Huynh Bang), Mr. Andreas Dassel (Area Sales Manager of rbr)
rbr and Huynh Bang representatives with the new ecom-B and ecom-D instruments.
Group photo with all participants.

JUMO Workshop 2013 for mTRON T & AQUIS touch S (Bangkok)

Business Development Manager Lorenz Hohmann introduces the mTRON T.
Head of Training Mr. Manfred Schleicher explaining the different modules of the mTRON T.
Working with the new mTRONT T.
JUMO mTRONT T is a reliable system for recording data, a control system featuring intuitive operation and a complete automation solution, all in one.
Working with the new AQUIS touch S for liquid analysis.
Group picture of all participants.

VEGA ProTrac Product Launch & VEGAFLEX 80 Service Training 2013

Mr. Tai Piazza introducing the new ProTrac.
Group picture for the VEGA ProTrac Product Launch in Singapore.
For the VEGAFLEX 80 training demo units were provided.
Field Service Engineer Andreas Bregger shows how the new echo curves look like and how the signal processing is working for improved sensitivity, accuracy and blocking distance.
All small working groups carried out live signal checks for better understanding.
Andreas explaining that the VEGAFLEX 80 is able to ignore a water sump echo at hydrocarbon measurements in bypass applications.
With activated sump detection and the largest echo in the sump area "first large echo" will be activated.
Group picture of the VEGAFLEX 80 Service Training in Singapore.

VEGA Guided Wave Radar Training & Sales Meeting 2012 (Bangkok)

Product Manager for Guided Wave Radar Wolfgang Perenthaler from VEGA Germany introduces the new VEGAFLEX Series 80.
Level and interface measurement with the VEGAFLEX 86.
Getting hands-on with the new instruments.
Wofgang Perenthaler explains overfill protection with interface measurement.
Huỳnh Đăng Khoa reporting from the Vietnam market.
Khoa with the VEGAFLEX 81 in coax probe version and Nguyễn Văn Bảo with the VEGAFLEX 83 for liquid media with highest hygienic requirements.

Weishaupt Training August 2012 (Bangkok)

The training consisted of theoretical training in the mornings...
... and practical training in the afternoons.
Thermal Sales Team Leader Lê Minh Quang in front of training burner.
Service Team Leader Nguyễn Văn Bảo adjusts the burner via Weishaupt's ACS software.
Vietnam Team with lecturers Markus Lauber (theoretical part) and Alexander Kohn (practical part) from Weishaupt Germany.
Group picture with all participants.

rbr product introduction of ecom-EN2-F May 2012

The first day was reserved for internal staff training.
Comparing the new ecom-EN2-F with our ecom-EN2-R.
On the second day Boiler OEMs, Burner Operators, Research Institutes and Inspection Centres were introduced to a seminar of Gas Analysis Basics.
Thermal Sales Team Leader Le Minh Quang introduces our product and service range.
Area Sales Manager Mr. Andreas Dassel from rbr (Germany) introduces his company.
Participants were given an overview of Gas Analysis and rbr's product range.

Schmidt Technology Asia Sales Meting May 2012 (Penang)

Meeting room picture 1
Meeting room picture 2
Schmidt Technology Clean Room Model
A lot of demo flow sensors were provided for hands-on training.
Schmidt Technology Japan presenting best case projects in Japan.
Distributors and local Representatives from South East Asia and Australia took part.
Group picture 1
Group picture 2
Sightseeing tour
Farewell dinner

Weishaupt in-house Training March 2012

Markus Botzenhart from Weishaupt's International Sales Department giving a Technical Sales Training for our staff.
Weishaupt burners operate very well with gas and are equipped automatically with a valve proving system to shut-off the burner in case of gas leakage.
Weishaupt's efficiency can even be improved by upgrading burners with a frequency inverter and an O2-trim.
Finally, open questions were answered.

JUMO Asia Sales Meeting September 2011 (Manila)

JUMO Business Development Manager Lorenz Hohmann from JUMO Germany opens the Sales Meeting.
JUMO Representatives from all Asian countries were present.
Lorenz Hohmann introduces Manfred Walter, Product Manager Systems Business Unit Automation.
Ingmar Wege is responsible for Production and Quality Control at one of the JUMO factories.
New products were brought to the meeting to let the Representatives to have a first look.
Participants learnt a lot about new products...
...but also gave inside information and feedback from their respective markets.
On the final evening a special dinner was organized.
Dinner picture 1
Dinner Picture 2

VEGA Customer Seminar June 2011 (Hanoi)

Sales Director Huynh Dang Khoa opens the meeting.
Talking about industry-specific application areas for VEGA.
VEGA brochures and catalogues were given to participants.

VEGA Customer Seminar May 2011 (Ho Chi Minh)

Preparations for the seminar.
VEGA brochures and catalogues were given to participants.
VEGA demo case
Sales Director Huynh Dang Khoa introduces HBC with VEGA being an important part of its product range.
Area Sales Manager Kunkun Liu from VEGA Germany introduces VEGA.
Explaining the working principle of an ultrasonic level sensor.

Weishaupt Training (Schwendi) and ISH (Frankfurt) March 2011

Opening of the Training in Weishaupt's headquarter in Schwendi.
Different topics were covered...
... from different combustion fuels to burner controlling.
Coffee breaks were used among the local Representatives to share experiences and success stories.
Group picture 1 in the Weishaupt forum.
Group picture 2 in Weishaupt's Research & Development Center.
Journey from Weishaupt Headquarter to the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt with a dinner stop-over in Heidelberg.
In front of the famous Heidelberg castle.
Arrival on the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt.
Dual fuel burner WGL and with glass cover to visualize "the inside" of the burner.
Weishaupt Service Car picture 1
Weishaupt Service Car picture 2
Weishaupt's W-range of compact burners displayed at the ISH 2011.
Weishaupt´s new monarch® range of burners displayed at the ISH 2011.

rbr in-house Training and Customer Seminar October 2010

On the first day Key Account Manager Overseas Markets, Mr. Andreas Dassel, proudly introduces the ecom-EN2 Flue Gas Analyzer in an internal staff training.
HBC staff was free to explore the Analyzer.
Andreas Dassel explains the set-up menu.
HBC staff exploring the measuring probe.
rbr ecom instruments have a big and robust gas pump for fast response time and no plugging.
On the second day Boiler OEMs, Burner Operators, Research Institutes and Inspection Centres were invited to the HBC office...
... for the market introduction of rbr Flue Gas Analyzers in Vietnam.
Andreas Dassel introduces rbr and the company's production quality.

VEGA South East Asia Sales Meeting July 2010 (Kuala Lumpur)

JUMO Asia Sales Meeting July 2010 (Bangkok)

All local Representatives reported from their respective markets.
Group picture on final day

JUMO in-house Training March 2008