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Building Material & Mining

VEGA Applications in the Aggregates & Mining Industry

Rock crusher in the quarry

In the beginning there’s rock. Transportable pieces of rock are extracted from the solid bedrock by blasting. Further processing is required to turn these boulders into basic building materials like gravel, stone chips and sand. The large rocks are reduced to different granulations by jaw and roller crushers. To ensure economic operation and keep wear on the crusher as low as possible, the filling must be closely monitored. Depending on the spatial conditions and the crusher feed system, either a continuous level measurement or a simple limit level measurement is implemented for this purpose.

Level monitoring in the rock crusher with VEGAPULS 67

Mounted directly over the crusher, the radar sensor VEGAPULS 67 provides uninterrupted measurement. Completely unaffected by wind, weather, abrasion and especially the huge amounts of dust, it measures the level in the crusher continuously. Even the unbearable noise, which can be a problem for ultrasonic sensors, doesn’t bother this non-contact sensor.

Overfill protection with VEGAMIP 61

This microwave barrier detects the limit level in the crusher from outside through a solid plastic or ceramic window. The microwaves penetrate the non-conducting window material and are not influenced by dirt or buildup on the window.