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Cement Industry

VEGA Applications in Cement Industry

Clinker silo

The last step to the finished product

After the raw meal is burned, the emerging clinker of varying consistency is stored for further processing. In addition to the intense dust generation, the sometimes very high product temperatures and the strong abrasion place heavy demands on the measurement technology. Depending on the production capacity of a cement plant, the clinker silos can be of considerable size, often reaching a height of over 50 m (164 ft).

VEGAPULS 68 for level measurement in the clinker silo

Due to the highly abrasive properties of the clinker and temperatures up to 200 °C (392 °F), measuring techniques that have physical contact with the medium are completely out of the question. The non-contact radar sensor VEGAPULS 68 is absolutely wear-free and features very simple mounting and setup. Its parabolic antenna, providing optimal microwave focusing, is particularly suitable for large silos. In very tall containers, several sensors are sometimes deployed to cover the entire profle of the product surface.

VEGACAP 65 as overfll protection

Ruggedness is of utmost importance in the clinker silo. That’s why capacitive measurement lends itself well to this application. VEGACAP 65 features a stable, hard-wearing mechanical construction as well as easy setup and commissioning. Neither condensate nor buildup can impair its trustworthiness.