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Chemical Industry

VEGA Applications in the Chemical Industry

Reaction vessels

Resin – an important raw material

In the manufacture of resins, different basic materials are mixed with solvents and caused to react through the input of process heat. The resins produced during this process serve as raw materials for a broad spectrum of products – from automobile parts to toys. Process temperatures over 150 °C, vacuum or high gauge pressure, as well as buildup of viscous products are conditions that place tremendous demands on the implemented measurement technology.

Level measurement with VEGAPULS 62

Non-contact level measurement with the radar sensor VEGAPULS 62 is ideal for applications in the manufacture of reaction products. Since the measurement takes place without direct contact with the medium, practically no buildup can form on the sensor. The radar measurement is not affected by process conditions such as temperature, pressure or gas overlay, and delivers accurate results even when agitators are causing strong product turbulence. Because radar technology always measures the distance to the product surface, the measurement is not affected by product density changes during the process. Thanks to its wide temperature range up to 450 °C the radar sensor is optimally suited for reaction vessels.

VEGASWING 63 for level detection

Due to its universal applicability, the vibrating level switch VEGASWING 63 is also well suited for use in reaction vessels. Even process conditions such as high viscosity, temperatures up to 250 °C and pressures up to 64 bar do not impair the functionality of the sensor. Versions with high resistance materials or enamel coating are available for varying degrees of product corrosiveness. VEGASWING 63 can be implemented in safety-relevant applications up to SIL2 and in redundant systems up to SIL3.

Foaming products – no problem for differential pressure measurement

For reactors with heavy foam and/or condensate formation, level measurement with a differential pressure transmitter is the simplest and best solution. When connected via the isolating system CSB, VEGADIF 65 can measure levels to the millimetre even in case of superimposed pressures up to 160 bar.