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Energy Production

VEGA Application in the Energy Production Industry

Fuel Transport

Belt transfer point

The coarse and fine bulk solids are in most cases transported within the power station via conveyor belts. To achieve an even volume flow, belt transfer points are integrated in the conveyor system. There, the incoming coal is stored for a short time in a buffer silo. Level monitoring at the belt transfer point is extremely important for conveyor belt and production control.

Level monitoring at the belt transfer point with VEGAPULS 67

Due to the good focusing properties of the radar sensor VEGAPULS 67, the filling stream does not have any influence on the measurement. Even in case of intense dust generation the measurement is absolutely reliable.

Point level monitoring with VEGAMIP T/R 61

Non-contact level detection is realized with the microwave barrier VEGAMIP. The instrument guarantees absolutely maintenance and wear-free operation. Changes in moisture content, granulation or coal type have no influence on its reliable function.

Flexible overfill protection with VEGACAP 65

If a lateral installation isn’t possible, VEGACAP 65 is the right solution. Its robust construction permits its use also in coarse, heavy bulk solids and guarantees a long service life.