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Environment & Recycling

VEGA Application in the Environment & Recycling Industry

Biogas production

Biogas reactor

A biogas reactor is a part of the multistage process of digestion. Microorganisms use the complex combination of substances in the digestate as nutrient and energy supply and decompose it. The main product of this decomposition is biogas, which consists of energy-rich methane and carbon dioxide. The generated biogas is collected in a gas tank and converted into electricity and heat in the combined heat and power plant. Defined levels in the individual reactors are required for optimal digestion. Typical process conditions in the reactors are gas overlay, temperatures up to +55 °C and multistage agitators.

Level measurement with VEGAPULS 62

VEGAPULS 62 radar sensors are implemented here for continuous level measurement. These instruments measure the level exactly even under extremely difficult process conditions.

Overfill protection according to WHG with VEGACAP 64

The mandatory overfill protection according to WHG (Water Resource Act) is realized with a VEGACAP 64 capacitive rod measuring probe. It delivers an exact switching point even when covered with the strongly adhesive buildup.

Pressure measurement with VEGABAR 52

To control gas generation, the gas pressure in the reactors is measured with mbar precision. The pressure transmitter VEGABAR 52 has proven itself perfectly suited for this task.