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Food & Beverage

VEGA Applications in the Food & Beverage Industry

Raw Milk

Milk – a highly sensitive product

Before it is further processed, the delivered raw milk is subjected to comprehensive quality checks in the dairy. It is the base product for the production of milk, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream and many other products. The milk is stored at a temperature of approx. +4 °C and gently stirred until it is fed into various production processes. A protective atmosphere at approx. +0.5 to +2 bar gauge pressure protects the milk from contamination. Legal regulations ensure that the hygienic requirements applying to the milk industry are adhered to.

Pressure and level measurement with VEGABAR 53 in the stirring vessel

The measurement technology is exposed to arduous conditions during the cleaning cycles: the empty container is cleaned with a 2 % to 5 % acid or lye solution at +60 °C (CIP) and then sterilized with steam at a temperature of +125 °C (SIP). VEGABAR 53 is particularly suitable for level measurement because its diaphragm of stainless steel or Alloy is resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and withstands cleaning temperatures up to +150 °C.

Level detection with VEGASWING 61

VEGASWING 61 is used for monitoring the upper and lower limit level. The sensor, which works according to the tuning fork principle, reliably detects the limit level both under process and cleaning conditions. The tuning fork made of 316L can be optimally cleaned since it is welded absolutely gap-free to the process fitting.

JUMO Applications in Food & Beverage Industry


CIP cleaning is the current standard method of cleaning in food processing industries. During the CIP (Clean in Place) process, cleaning and disinfecting solutions are circulated through the circuit to clean the production and filling systems without dismantling them. The exact combination of the influencing factors of chemistry, temperature, mechanical systems and time makes cleaning a reliable and reproducible process. CIP cleaning minimizes the risk of contamination and cross-contamination, and therefore ensures that food is safe at all times.

Reliability and cleanliness for your plant with the JUMO CTI-750 conductivity transmitter

Today, CIP is used in all plants with modern technology. It saves time and money. The JUMO CTI-750 conductivity transmitter supports this process with accurate measurements to ensure that cleaning proceeds quickly and reliably. The JUMO CTI-750 also monitors and controls the concentration of your cleaning agent by measuring conductivity with an inductive conductivity probe.

Precise, accurate dosing with JUMO MID

The JUMO-MID flow rate transmitter measures and doses the flow of CIP media during the process, thus guaranteeing efficient and thorough cleaning.

LOGOSCREEN nt ensures reliability and speed by monitoring cleaning in place (CIP)

To document and monitor the CIP process reliably, all the important measurement variables should be recorded and evaluated by a single paperless recorder. The LOGOSCREEN nt from JUMO does just that: It allows you to track the process accurately, optimize it perfectly and thereby reduce your cleaning agent costs.