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Metal Processing

VEGA Application in the Metal Processing Industry

Smelting of aluminium

Storage of aluminium oxide powder

Two tons of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) yield approx. one ton of aluminium. Before aluminium oxide is converted into liquid aluminium at 950 °C (1223 °F) in the electrolytic smelting process, the white powder must be temporarily stored in storage silos or day silos. Silo heights of up to 60 meters (ø up to 30 m) are not uncommon.

Continuous measurement of aluminium oxide powder

With a measuring range up to 70 m (230 ft) VEGAPULS 68 is simply unbeatable in the aluminium oxide silo. Level measuring techniques that physically touch the medium are subject to very high mechanical stresses and strains, which is why contactless measurement is an absolute must here. Neither dust nor filling noise can disturb VEGAPULS 68. In a silo with several filling zones, a number of radar sensors working together can create a surface profile.
Silo heights up to 35 m (115 ft) can also be measured with the guided microwave principle. VEGAFLEX 62 offers all the advantages of radar measurement. Dust, noise, buildup and repose angles do not play a role in the measurement. No adjustments are required to put the instrument into operation.

VEGAWAVE 62 as maximum detector in the aluminium oxide silo

The set-up and commissioning of VEGAWAVE 62 requires no special adjustments. Its length, which can be up to 20 m (66 ft), determines the exact location of the switching point. Its extensive function monitoring reports any overfilling safely and reliably.

Dispensing powder into the electrolytic cell

Directly above the electrolytic smelting cell are smaller, approx. 1 m ... 1.5 m (3 ... 4.9 ft) high buffer containers which are charged pneumatically via pipelines. Small quantities of aluminium oxide powder are discharged from them into the molten mass.

Full and empty detector in the buffer container

VEGAWAVE 61 is installed on the side or at the top of the container and detects the maximum or minimum filling level very reliably. No adjustment is required for set-up. It is not bothered by the dust and the strong prevailing magnetic fields. If absolutely dry air is not used in the charging process, heavy build-up can form, possibly blocking the vibrating fork. In this case, VEGACAP 62 is the right limit switch. Thick build-up does not disturb its function.

Monitoring the feed pressure with VEGABAR 54

The conveyor pipes are the arteries of the aluminium smelter. Constrictions or blockages can lead to production downtime. VEGABAR 54 is the ideal, reliable pressure transmitter for monitoring the conveyor pipes and the pressure conveyor vessel. Due to its front-flush ceramic diaphragm, it dependably resists abrasion and build-up.