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Oil & Gas Industry

VEGA Application in the Oil & Gas Industry

Gas separators

The drying of gas

The extracted natural gas as well as gas residues from the mineral oil production are liquefied by increasing the pressure. However, the quality of the gas is still impaired because of the constituent water. In the gas separator, the so-called scrubber, the water is bound chemically by adding glycol and separated from the gas. The effectiveness of this multistage process substantially influences the productivity and quality of the gas extraction. Reliable measurement of all process parameters is therefore particularly important.

Level measurement under extreme conditions

Very high pressures up to 150 bar (217 5 psig) keep the gas in a liquid state. The level of the gas/water mixture, described as a condensate, must be reliably and quickly determined in order to allow the continuous gas drying process to run effectively and uninterruptedly. The radar sensor VEGAPULS 66 with its ceramic antenna system and graphite seal measures the level contactlessly and reliably under these extreme conditions. Its long service life and maintenance-free operation enable long operating periods without shutdowns.

The separation of gas and water

The separation of gas and water is carried out through precipitation of the glycol-bound water. Different densities create an interface between the liquids. The position of the interface in the container determines the quantity of the respective liquid that must be added or discharged to ensure a continuous process.

Interface detection with VEGAFLEX 67

Installed in a bypass vessel, the VEGAFLEX 67 sensor measures the position of the interface with the help of guided microwaves. The great difference between the dielectric properties (εr) of water and gas make a sure detection of the interface possible, even when the composition of both liquids fluctuates. Special signal couplings and process connections, designed for high pressures and temperatures, allow wear-free measurement under the most difficult conditions.

Pressure monitoring with VEGABAR 61

Excessively high process pressures in the scrubber would endanger the operating staff and the plant equipment. For that reason, the pressure transmitter VEGABAR 61 monitors the vessel pressure continuously. Especially chemically resistant isolating diaphragms make wear-free measurement of the aggressive gases possible under these extreme conditions.