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VEGA Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Production of enzymes, proteins and antibodies

The production of Pharmaceuticals often involves the cultivation of cells or micro-organisms in bioreactors. Complete hygiene and cleaning capabilities are required, since any contamination with other organisms could cause a bad reaction. Growth is controlled by monitoring the temperature, the oxygenation and the pH-level. During these batch processes, the reactor is completely filled and only emptied after the reaction and growth period. Level and pressure are continuously monitored during this process.

VEGAPULS 63 – Level measurement under arduous conditions

VEGAPULS 63 radar sensor offers optimum performance: The antenna system can be easily cleaned and is resistant to SIP/CIP processes. The VEGAPULS 63 is virtually unaffected by vessel installations. Changing process density and temperature do not affect the measurement.
Pressure monitoring with VEGABAR 65

The VEGABAR 65 with its LA process connection is an ideal and hygienic solution and is provided with a welded 50 μm Hastelloy diaphragm. The diaphragm is resistant both to chemical cleaning cycles and the thermal shock reaction after sterilisation.