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Pulp & Paper / Plastic & Packaging Industry (PP)

VEGA Application in the Pulp & Paper Industry

Wood chip silo

Cellulose production

Wood chips are the raw material for producing cellulose and mechanical pulp. They are made from debarked logs that are shredded on chippers or bought in as sawmill waste. The chips are fed via conveyor belts into silos up to 25 m high. After that they are sorted by size and quality and transported to the pulp digester or the TMP (Thermo Mechanical Pulp) system. The wood chip silos are filled and emptied in batch quantities, which creates material cones, large amounts of dust as well as bridges that can collapse during emptying.

Recommended products


Level Measurement with VEGAPULS 68

The optimal solution for level measurement is the bulk solids radar sensor VEGAPULS 68. Compared with conventional radar sensors, the instrument has a considerably higher signal sensitivity, which ensures that the measurement works reliably even during filling. This continuous monitoring means dependable logistics planning is possible. Further applications for VEGAPULS 68 are in the bark silos as well as the blowing tank following the pulp digester.



Indication and adjustment with VEGADIS 81

VEGADIS 81 can be mounted up to 50 m away from the sensor. This feature allows safe and convenient on-site indication and adjustment.