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JUMO IMAGO 500 - Multi-channel process and program controller (703590)


  • Format 144 x 130 mm (fitting dimension 92 x 92 mm)
  • 5" color graphic display
  • 2-state/3-state, 3-state modulating controller, positioner, continuous controller
  • C-level, differential, ratio, humidity control
  • 8 control channels (4 cascade controllers)
  • Inputs/outputs can be extended in a modular way
  • Extendable by 2 relay modules (8 relays each)
  • Modbus, Profibus DP interface
  • Freely configurable screen masks
  • 50 programs with 100 sections and real time clock
  • 16 control contacts
  • Maths and logic function
  • 16 limit value monitoring cycles
  • Recording function
  • Teleservice via external modem
  • Configuration with setup program


  • Control of temperatures, pressures and other process variables as per set point value profiles, e.g.:

               Conditioning chambers
               Malleablizing furnaces
               Curing ovens
               Cooking chambers

The JUMO IMAGO 500 is a process and program controller with up to eight controller channels or four program channels. The device format is 144mm x 130mm for a DIN panel cut-out of 92mm x 92mm and a fitting depth of 170mm.
The display is a 5“ color monitor with 27 colors. The user surface masks can be freely designed and individually adapted. For two freely configurable screen masks, it is possible to place texts, process values, background images and icons user-specifically. A maximum of eight analog inputs and six binary inputs as well as six slots for switching outputs or analog outputs are available (four of them are alternatively useable as analog inputs or outputs). A setup program is available for the comfortable configuration via a PC. Linearization of the common measuring elements is stored; four customer-specific linearization tables can be programmed. A maths and logic module can be used to adapt the device to the most varied regulation and control tasks. The device can be integrated into a data linkage via two serial interfaces RS422/485 or PROFIBUS-DP. The user can retrofit assembly groups in a simple manner (see the above block diagram). Electrical connection is carried out on the rear via screw terminals.


Panel-mounting thermostat, model EM, up to 500 °C (60.2021)


  • Fluid expansion
  • Self-monitoring in the case of a pressure drop
  • Safety switch-of at -20 °C
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 single-pin snap switches possible

Versions as per DIN EN 14597

  • Temperature controller (TR)
  • Temperature monitor (TW)
  • Temperature limiter (TB)
  • Safety temperature monitor (STW)
  • Safety temperature limiter (STB)

Customer benefits

  • Versatile

The thermostat offers the possibility to individually assemble several single-pole combinations.

  • Available

A large number of stock articles guarantees short-term delivery.

  • Energy saving

No additional auxiliary energy is required for temperature measurement. For this reason, the electro-mechanical thermostat offers a decisive advantage.


Control and monitoring of thermal processes, e.g.

  • in apparatus engineering
  • in furnace construction
  • in heating engineering and air conditioning technology
  • in laboratory and conditioning cabinets