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SCHMIDT® Flow Sensors

Simply a question of better measurement

The exact measurement of air and gas velocities is useful for different applications such as:

  • Energy saving / Energy efficiency
  • Determination of consumer data
  • Quality assurance of processes
  • Warranty in security of persons and appliances
  • Control of ventilators, dampers
  • Functional control

SCHMIDT® Flow Sensors, working on the basis of thermal measuring principle, offer the solution for many tasks. Simple installation and fast initial operation on site are their typical features. For the ­volume flow measurement no further measuring value such as pressure or temperature is required due to the measuring principle. Extreme measuring range limits with a sensor permit the measurement of so-called standby as well as operating volume flows. The flow ­sensors operate continuously for years – without any wearing parts!

For each application three different designs are available for selection.

The dumb-bell head is dirt and dust resistent, easy to clean and measures flows from 0.06 m/s on.
The chamber head offers a very wide measuring range up to 200 m/s as well as the output of the medium temperature, if required.
The thermopile head is used in clean gases for smallest flows and for detection of flow direction.