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SCHMIDT® Flow Sensors for Compressed Air

For measurements in compressed air systems the thermic SCHMIDT® Flow Sensors provide many benefits:

  • Direct detection of norm flow velocity independent of pressure and temperature
  • For tube diameters DN 15 ... DN 1.000
  • Installation and removal during production and under pressure possible
  • Very high flow velocities up to 200 m/s (also for undersized tubes)
  • Very small measuring range limit of 0.2 m/s for detection of leakage

SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 20.60 / HS / FB

Flow sensor with integrated microcontroller transducer for the measurement of air-flow velocity and for the determination of the flow rate and flow volume. The aerodynamically styled chamber head of the sensor provides optimized flow properties in respect of an extremely small flow resistance. This ensures that even an unclean mounting of the sensor (slight twisting, relative to the axis of flow, or tilting toward the sensor axis) will not have the slightest effect on the measurement result. Each sensor with an analog output, in addition, is equipped with a digital output enabling a direct consumption measurement of the air flow e.g. by means of a supply meter.

SS 20.60 HS is the high-speed version of SS 20.60 with measuring ranges 120 / 160 / 200 m/s.

SS 20.60 FB is equipped with a bus interface for connecting to different field buses.

Application example

  • Compressed air consumption measurement
  • Shielding gas flow measurement
  • Control of volume flow
  • Control of compressor
  • Exhaust-air monitoring
  • Control of combustion air for block-type thermal power plants and fuel cells
  • Measurement of air mass flow in burners and combustion engines

Product advantages

  • High temperature gradient permissible
  • Electronic temperature compensation active in the whole range of operating temperatures
  • Large measuring-range dynamics of 1:800
  • Easy, cost-saving mounting
  • Pressure-proofed up to 16 bar
  • Digital output for connection to supply meter or energy management systems
  • Optionally with integrated field bus interface

SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 20.261

Cost-effective alternative in pressurised systems up to 8 bars: SS 20.261

The creation of compressed air is a cost-intensive process. It will therefore pay you to optimize the compressed-air networks. The first step is the knowledge how and where the optimization can be made.
The basis for the system optimization is the precise and continuous analysis of the compressed-air system's actual consumption. To calculate this, the operator must know the actual volume flows of the system, the distribution of the compressed air in the network and, finally, also the volume flows during the idle periods - the leakage quantities. This data will help you to plan the optimization measures which have to be taken. The solution is: the use of volume flow sensors. They measure all the required data such as leakage quantities, consumption and distribution to the individual consumers (for a unambiguous cost allocation). This may help to adjust the maintenance intervals to the actual status of the system.

Application examples

  • Packing machines
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Textile machines
  • Pneumatic conveyance system
  • Surface coating
  • Installation of compressed-air tools
  • Production of insulating material

The thermal flow sensor SS 20.261 works by the hot wire principle of a thermal anemometer. That's why the application in systems with overpressure is very simple since only the temperature and pressure values must be measured and calculated. The sensor measures the correct flow velocity independently of the pressure (up to 8 bars). The linear output signals of flow and temperature are individual current signals 4 ... 20 mA – from 0 m/s to 40, 60 or 90 m/s. The measured value is output as standard velocity which can be converted easily in the volume flow of the used tube diameter.

SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 30.300, SS 30.301, SS 30.302 and SS 30.303

Flow sensor for volume flow measurements in compressed air and gases with integrated LED display and configurable outputs usable as analog, switching or pulse outputs. Two buttons for user configuration. Display of flow rate, total flow and medium temperature.


  • Consumption measurement of compressed air
  • Inert gas flow measurement
  • Consumption measurement of compressed air tools
  • Consumption measurement of air driven machines

Product advantages

  • Simple installation
  • Direct measuring of normal volume flow
  • Small pressure loss
  • Display of flow rate, total flow and medium temperature