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Pressure measurement

In all areas of production and process measurement technology, not only can process or differential pressure measurement be made with pressure instrumentation, but also level, volume or mass measurement. The measured media are gases, vapours and liquids.
The measuring ranges of pressure transmitters start at a few millibar and reach up to several hundred bar. Pressure transmitters from VEGA are equipped with metallic or ceramic measuring cells and offer excellent long-term stability as well as high overload resistance.

Process pressure/Hydrostatic

VEGABAR 14, 17
VEGABAR 51, 52, 53, 54, 55
A measuring cell detects the pressure in pipes or closed vessels. Here, the deflection of a diaphragm is converted into a measurement signal.


VEGABAR 66, 67
A measuring cell at the vessel bottom detects the small changes in hydrostatic pressure that result from a rise or fall of level.

Differential pressure

Detecting pressure differences with differential pressure measuring cells is a versatile method for level measurement in vessels with superimposed pressure, for flow-rate measurement in pipes and for filter monitoring.