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PON series

PON and UHE series for Burner Supply Pumps

An internal gear rotor drives an eccentric, externally toothed gear.

The rotor and the toothed wheel are sealed with a fixed crescent.

Internal gear pumps have been in use for more than 40 years and are used in many areas of industry because of their favorable construction and design.

Series UHE with overflow valve and bypass

Technical facts:

Discharge range: 45 - 6.000 l/h

Operating pressures: 0 - 40 bar

Temperatures: up to 150° C



Oil burning sytems

As oil burner pumps, closed circular pipe and transfer pumps for all fuel oils EL, L, M, S, coalter oils, lignite tar, kerosene.

Machine construction

As hydraulic pumps in hydraulic control units, as lubricating pumps for lubficating oils and greases, as cooling water pumps for water-oil emulsions.

Mineral oil industry

As feed pumps for oils, grease, tar and bitumen.

Ship building

As lubricating oil pumps and booster pumps for lubricating, diesel and heavy oils. Certificate for marine available on request.



Pump castings are made of hydraulic cast iron GG 25 (for UHE GGG 40); rotor is of C 60; pinion is of 16 Mn Cr 5; axial face seal of cast iron / coal; up to 150° C viton.



Self-priming, self-lubricating, practically non-pulsating, quiet-running, practically maintenance-free, pressure proof and vacuum-thight shaft seals.


In addition to the applications and pumping mediums mentioned here, hp-Industrial pumps are used in many other industries - pumping a wide variety of different mediums.