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  • MOG

hp-Single-pumping unit series MOG

Single pumping unit for fuel oil in scewed or flanged compact execution, as a feed- or delivery aggregates for oil supply of automatic oil burners - equivalent DIN/EN 4755/2. Produced, tested, registered and marked according to the test standard DIN/EN 12514/1.


General details:
Operating viscosity:The motor output data applies for fluids with a viscosity up to 80 cSt. From 80 cSt to 150 cSt, the motor must be one power stage size stronger. Available at a surcharge upon request.
Max. suction head:Measured in terms of the manometer (Pos. 5) = -0,6 bar
Max. inlet pressure:Pressure load of the axial face seal: - 0,6 – +5 bar
Max. nozzle loss:70% of discharge at pmax