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The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems. Founded in 1917, the family business is overseen by a Supervisory Board under chairmanship of Managing Partner Dr. Martin Viessmann. The Group has roughly EUR 1.7 billion in annual turnover and maintains a staff of approximately 9,400 employees.

With 23 production and project management divisions in 11 countries, business activities in 74 countries, 32 subsidiaries and 120 sales offices around the world, Viessmann is an internationally orientated company. 56 Percent of sales are derived from export activities.

Comprehensive product range for all fuel types and areas of application

Whether for single or two-family homes, large residential complexes, commercial and industrial buildings or local heating networks, Viessmann has the right system solution with heat sources for all fuel types and outputs ranging from 1.5 to 20,000 kW.

Viessmann's comprehensive product portfolio includes wall mounted condensing units from 1.9 to 105 kW, freestanding condensing boilers from 3.8 to 6,600 kW and combined heat and power (CHP) stations for oil or bio natural gas, with outputs from 1.0 to 401 kWel and 6.0 to 549 kWth.

Also part of this impressive portfolio are systems for renewables including solar thermal systems with flat-plate and vacuum tube collectors for domestic hot water generation, central heating backup and building cooling, special boilers and combustion units from 4 to 13,000 kW for wood logs, chips and pellets, heat pumps from 1.5 to 2,000 kW for use with geothermal heat, groundwater or ambient air, and photovoltaic systems. Additionally, Viessmann offers a complete range of products and services related to biogas technology, from project development and engineering to raw materials management and operational oversight. The company has introduced a completely new concept for its Vitobloc CHP stations and now offers them as part of a package including a supply agreement for environmentally friendly bio natural gas, making the units particularly economically appealing for operators in addition to benefitting the environment.

The portfolio also features control engineering and data communication equipment as well as the entire system periphery, from fuel storage to radiators and underfloor heating.

Comprehensive range of services

Viessmann offers its trade partners a comprehensive range of services to considerably simplify their daily work. The diverse range includes assistance from its Technical Service department, demand-driven software for instance for planning heating systems, support in the form of advertising and sales promotions, and a user-friendly information and ordering system available around the clock on the internet.

The Viessmann Academy

The structure of the heating market is shifting towards more efficient technologies and regenerative systems, which means that the technological spectrum is expanding and demand for training by trade partners is growing. The Viessmann Academy was specifically established to meet these needs. It provides a comprehensive programme of basic and advanced training courses for heating contractors, planners, architects, property developers, flue inspectors, technical education institutions and Viessmann's own employees. More than 92,000 industry specialists take part in Viessmann Academy training events each year.

“Efficiency Plus” sustainability project

As a family business in its third generation, Viessmann is acutely aware of its social responsibility to its employees as well as towards safeguarding the future of generations to come. Continuously improving measures that protect resources and the environment is essential for sustainable business and is a key component of our company philosophy.

The "Efficiency Plus" project is the focus of our current commitment to sustainability and is based on a holistic concept for protecting the climate, using resources efficiently and securing jobs. This project demonstrates that the energy and climate policy goals set by the German Federal Government for 2020 (reduce energy demand by 20 percent, increase the share of renewables to 20 percent and reduce CO2 emissions by 40 percent, all relative to the values of 1990) can already be reached with technology available today. Viessmann is proud to have received the German Sustainability Award and the Energy Efficiency Award in recognition of its "Efficiency Plus" project.