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Ultrasonic Flowmeters and Online Process Analysers

The FLUXUS range of flow meter measures the volume and mass flow of liquids and gases non-intrusively through FLEXIM‘s proven clamp-on transit-time correlation technology.

The ultrasonic transducers are simply clamped on to the outside of the pipe and never get in direct contact with the media flowing inside the pipe. With permanent and portable flow meters, FLEXIM's product range is directly driven by customer and industry needs and our focus and dedication is directed towards providing the highest quality equipment with the best support and service possible.

Leading Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Flow Technology

Our Tradition is Innovation

Ever since its inception, FLEXIM has been the innovator in the field of ultrasonic flow measurement.

Each FLUXUS flow meter embodies a wealth of expertise and application experience of our engineers.

FLEXIM rises to meet the challenges and continues to set standards where others have already failed.

Put FLEXIM’s experience and expertise to work for you!

How we measure

The FLUXUS range of non-invasive ultrasonic gas, steam and liquid flow meters measure according to ultrasonic measurement principles: