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Flow Measurement

The continuous velocity and temperature measurement is very important when operating a system with gas flows (for example indoor exhaust air, exhaust gases).

At emission measurements the current concentrations are determined. For conversion into absolute emitted masses one needs the volume, which is calculated on the gas velocity. This also plays an important role in emissions allowance trading.

Flow Measuring Device FMD 09

  • continuous measurement of exhaust gas velocity, exhaust gas flow, pressure and temperature
  • compact unit with differential pressure probe
  • can be used in flue gases with high dust contents
  • suitability tested and certified according to EN 15267-3 (QAL1)
  • approved for all plants covered by IED

Product information [PDF]

Flow Measuring Device FMD 02

  • continuous flow measuring device for the measurement of exhaust gas velocity respectively flow and temperature
  • compact unit with differential pressure probe

Product information [PDF]