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Gas Analytics

Sophisticated solutions for automated measuring systems in compliance with legal requirements and for process applications before/after flue gas cleaning systems.

In the area of analysis technology, we offer you measuring devices and systems for versatile applications. Regardless whether it is for hot or cold gas analysis as well as for stationary or mobile measurement - you will find the right measuring instrument. There can be up to twelve measuring components such as CO, NO, SO2, HCl, NH3 and H2O precisely determined. Special applications complete the product range portfolio.

All analysers and systems are developed, tested, manufactured and calibrated in-house, in Dr. Födisch's own gas analysis laboratory with associated workshops.

Dr. Födisch has solutions for the following applications:

  1. Emission Measurement
  2. Process Measurement
  3. Hot Gas Analysis
  4. Cold Gas Analysis
  5. Oxygen Measurement
  6. Odour Measurement
  7. Mobile Device Variants

1) Emission Measurement

Industrial plants requiring approval are subject to strict requirements for compliance of emissions limit values. For monitoring it is only allowed to use measuring devices approved by the Federal Environment Agency. The approval requirements are defined in EN 15267. The number of measured components depends on the plant type, but also on the used fuel.

The determination of the gaseous components takes place after the extractive method of measurement. Therefore a partial gas stream is withdrawn from the exhaust gas stack and led via gas sampling probe to the analyser cabinet.

Multi Gas Analyser MGA 12

  • multi gas analyser for extractive gas component measurement
  • cold-dry gas analysis
  • QAL 1 according to EN 15267-3 and metrological pattern approval in Russia
  • approved for installations according to IED
  • max. 5 components
  • compensation for temperature, pressure and water cross sensitivities
  • easy maintenance

Product information [PDF]

Multi Component Analyser MCA 10

  • extractive multicomponent analysis system
  • hot-wet gas analysis
  • QAL 1 & MCERTS according to EN 15267-3
  • approved for installations according to IED
  • max. 11 infrared components as well as oxygen

Product information [PDF]

2) Process Measurement

All Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG emission measuring devices or systems can in principle also be used for various process applications. Furthermore devices for special requirements and applications are designed by Dr. Födisch technical-team.

Typical applications are:

  • Delta CO (carbon monoxide) measurements for monitoring smouldering fire, e. g. in coal mills, coal silos or baghouse filters
  • Delta NO (nitric oxide) measurements for denitrification plants control
  • NH3 (ammonia) latency measurements at SCR / SNCR systems
  • HCl (hydrogen chloride)- and SO2 (sulphur dioxide) measurements in the raw gas for the flue gas cleaning systems / desulphurisation plants control
  • O2 (oxygen) measurement for monitoring inerting systems in chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Extractive solutions are in particular suitable and used. Thereby sensitive measurement technology is not directly exposed to the often harsh exhaust conditions. By modifying the sample extraction even the most difficult applications (high temperatures, very high dust content, corrosion) can be solved.

Multi Component Analyser MCA 14

  • extractive multicomponent analysis system
  • hot-wet gas analysis
  • max. 11 infrared components as well as oxygen

Product information [PDF]

3) Hot-wet Gas Analysis

The method of hot-wet gas analysis is widely used - in power plants, in waste incinerations, in paper, glass and cement industries and many more. A partial flow of gaseous components is withdrawn by a sampling probe and sampling pipe and led to the analyser cabinet. The sample gas is tempered at 185 °C for the whole gas path and monitored for flow and temperature. This high temperature level is necessary in order to prevent condensing of water-soluble components.

The multi-component analyser is the heart of the hot-wet measuring system analysing simultaneously up to 12 components. That includes e.g. HCL, NH3, H2O, CO, NO, NO2, CH4, SO2 and CO2. Oxygen is measured by an integrated zirconium dioxide sensor.

Our gas analysers are qualified for almost all applications. The types MCA 04 and MCA 10 passed the suitability test and got certification according to EN 15267-3 (QAL1). Mobile measuring equipment offers high flexibility for special situations. Test it!