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Huynh Bang is the Exclusive Sales Agent for Weishaupt oil, gas and dual-fuel burners and the Weishaupt Representative for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Weishaupt burners of the W range are widely-used and well-proven in various industries over the whole world and also here in Vietnam. The Weishaupt W range (capacity ratings from 12 kW - 570 kW) consists of:

Light oil / Diesel oil (DO):

  • WL5, WL10, WL20, WL30 and WL40

LPG, Natural gas (CNG) and Biogas:

  • WG5, WG10, WG20, WG30 and WG40

Dual-fuel (LPG, CNG or biogas with DO):

  • WGL30 and WGL40 for dual-fuel

Versatility - proven a million times

Reliable, economic, fully automatic:

So far well over four million Weishaupt W series oil, gas and dual fuel burners have been installed worldwide. The economic and reliable compact energy packages can be used for many applications: From domestic heating to heat generation for industrial processes.

Weishaupt compact burners are multiple-award-winning design classics.
Servicing is quickly dealt with thanks to the clear conceptual design.
Sectional view of an oil burner: All components are easily accessible and clearly arranged.
Section through a gas burner (the same technical platform as oil burners).
  • Exemplary efficiency: The digital combustion management system ensures that only exactly the amount of energy is consumed that is needed at the time.
  • Excellent emission levels: Weishaupt Low NOx technology (standard for gas burners, optional for oil burners) is exemplary in reducing emissions with special mixing assemblies for intensive flue gas recirculation.
  • Sophisticated technology: All W range burners work fully automatically. Powerful microprocessors continuously control and monitor the combustion process for maximum efficiency.
  • Silent operation: The transversely mounted fan draws air through a sound attenuated inlet.
  • Versatility: The W range offers oil and gas burners in five ratings from 12 kW to 570 kW.
  • Long life: More than 50 years of experience and development work have gone into Weishaupt burner technology. Only the best materials are used in manufacture.
  • Fuel: Weishaupt oil and dual fuel burners are suitable for use with fuel oil EL and low sulphur fuel oil EL according to DIN 51603-1, as well as fuel oil EL with additives of up to 10 % bio components to DIN 51603-6, fuel oil EL A Bio 5 and 10.