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Training " Burner Weishaupt" in Ton Dong A Binh Duong on October 2016

Ton Dong A Corporation is specialized in manufacturing cold rolled coil (CRC), galvanized -GI, gavalume - GL and color coating product for civil and industrial engineering industry.

Ton Dong A Corporation's domestic and international clients are significantly developed. Thanks to the investment into advanced production lines to release the high quality product, its products are increasingly confirmed in both domestic and international market.

An extensive distribution network has been designed and developed by Ton Dong A, ranging from the North to the South and its products are stably exported into ASEAN, Middle East, Africa, USA, Australia, Japan countries, etc.

Mr Bao (Technical Support & Service Manager) welcomes Ton Dong A's Engineers and opens the training.
Mr Bao is training how to set gas and air for burner Weshaupt WG10.
Engineers( Ton Dong A) are listening and writing the important things.
Engineers( Ton Dong A) are listening and writing the important things.
Mr Bao answes the questions from engineers.
Mr Bao explains more about setting mixing heat.

The HBC Service Team arrives on-site.

Phuong Nam Pulp Mill Company

Weishaupt gas Burner in 8 t/h Steam Boiler controlled over PLC


Phuong Nam Pulp Company manufactures bleached pulp from softwood plants. The company is based in Thanh Hoa district, Vietnam. Phuong Nam Pulp Company operates as a subsidiary of Transport and Communication Development and Investment Company Limited. 



Phuong Nam will produce 100,000 tonnes of kenaf pulp a year. Austria's Andritz has supplied the machinery and has chosen to equip the boiler with a WEISHAUPT burner from Germany.

The Weishaupt burner G70/1-A uses LPG and is mounted on a Hoval 8 t/h steam boiler.
The G70/1-A burner runs over PLC and commissioning works were done in close cooperation with Andritz from Austria.

Gas train connecting to...
...the 2 LPG tanks outside.
Fine-tuning and setting with Flue Gas Analyzer (O2, CO & CO2) until the combustion is optimal and process requirements are met.
Service Team Leader Nguyen Van Bao right before handing over the burner to the operator.

Ton Dong A


Weishaupt gas burners in Air Heating System and Furnaces

Ton Dong A is a manufacturer of galvanized steel sheets for roofing and has specialized in galvanized steel sheets and color coated steel sheets.




Ton Dong A‘s factory area is 35.0000 square meters and includes 2 hot-dipped galvanizing coil coating lines, 3 color coil coating lines and 1 galvalum coil coating line.





Meeting to discuss Weishaupt burner conversion for change from LPG consumption to CNG.

The HBC Service Team arrives on-site once CNG gas supply was confirmed with required gas flow and pressure.
Weishaupt gas burners type WG40N/1-A were converted from LPG to CNG operation.
For a LPG to CNG conversion only the burner mixing head needs to be replaced.
The new diffuser on the burner mixing head in more detail.
After replacing the mixing head the burner is re-adjusted with a Flue Gas Analyzer (O2, CO & CO2) for optimal combustion figures, operational safety and pollution control.
After successful conversion of 16 burners to CNG operation Ton Dong A saves fuel costs as LPG was more expensive.

Ha Noi - Vung Tau Beer Joint Stock Company

Weishaupt dual-fuel (heavy-oil & natural gas) Burners in 8 t/h Steam Boilers 



HVB is a Joint-Stock Company jointly owned by Hanoi Beer Alcohol Beverage Corp (HABECO) – the Largest Beer Company in North, Carlsberg Group (Denmark) – 4th Largest Beer Company in the world - and Vinaceglass, established in 2006, with total legal capital of VND350 billion.




HVB markets and distributes in the South of Vietnam brands such as Carlsberg Beer, the Leading beer all over the world and produced locally in Vietnam and Hanoi Beer a favorite beer of generations of Vietnamese and foreigners for a decade, especially in the North of Vietnam.



HVB has built its state-of-the art brewery in My Xuan A Industrial Park in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. With an investment of US$42 million, this plant has an annual capacity of 50 million liters and can be expanded into 100 million liters in the second phase.





The brewery is equipped with modern equipment from Germany such as 2 WEISHAUPT burners amongst others.

HBC Service Team arrives on-site.
Checking mounting and installation of the burner.
Two dual-fuel burners type RGMS70/1-B can use both heavy oil and gas to fire up two 8 t/h steam boilers.
The burners are state of the art and use digital combustion management for optimisation of operational functions, the maximasation of economy and the minimisation of emissions.
Before commissioning the gas valve train is checked and a soundness test of valve train is carried out.
Natural gas is provided from this station.
Checking the flame while adjusting air vent.
The burners can be run over PLC.
Final adjustment with Flue Gas Analyzer (O2, CO & CO2) is necessary to reach optimal combustion figures, operational safety and pollution control.
Saving parameters and setting on laptop for customer support later.

Hanoi Lake View

Weishaupt light-oil Burners in Hot Water Boilers


The Hanoi Lake View offers 31 luxury apartments with 2 to 5 bedrooms and International Management.






For the whole hotel steam system 2 Hoval hot water boilers are used which are fired up by 2 Weishaupt light-oil burners type WM-L10/2-A version T.

Both burners use the state-of-the art Digital Combustion Management.
2 Weishaupt light-oil burners type WM-L10/2-A version T.
Burner adjustment and setting with rbr ecom Flue Gas Analyzer (O2, CO & CO2).
Hand-over to operator.