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Oberon Lubricants

OBERON combines the latest development in oil formulation and additive technology to provide the finest range of Iso-paraffinic lubricants, exclusively engineered to demands of today's sophisticated and high technology machineries as well as the ever-changing needs of tomorrow's equipment.

In the recent years, industry has come to recognise increasingly the role of effective maintenance in achieving productivity. With today's high-speed, high-powered complex machinery, any breakdown or downtime eats away a large part of product earnings, and the maintenance engineer has to be prepared to fix any breakdown, anytime, FAST!

No longer is the maintenance man secondary in importance. He is crucial to the evolution of higher productivity.As industry's total concept lubricants, Oberon Lubricants are the guarantee to the rapid and continuous improvement of your productivity.

Oberon Lubricants are specially designed to cut maintenance cost and reduce downtime. Oberon's customer base has steadily grown over the years because of our focus on providing total customer satisfaction through our dedication to quality, reliability and integrity.



OBERON F202 - Universal Penetrating Oil

OBERON F220 - Long Lasting Air Compressor Oil (3,000 to 6,000 Running Hours)

OBERON F221 - High Speed Electric Motor Lubricant

OBERON F222 - New Generation Hydraulic Fluid (up to 4000psi)

OBERON F223 - Premier Pure Grade Oil for Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

OBERON F224 - Superior Air Line Lubricant (for FRL Units)

OBERON F225 - Ultra Low Temperature Refrigerator Oil

OBERON F226 - Synthetic Air and Refrigeration Compressor Oil

OBERON F227 - Versatile Cutting Oil

OBERON F228 - Multi-Purpose Maintenance Machine Oil

                           (circulating systems, bearings, and general lubrication, compressor and hydraulic   

                           systems- E.P. characteristics are not required)

OBERON F229 - Heavy Duty Soluble Cutting Fluid

OBERON F230 - High Quality Heat Transfer Lubricant

OBERON F231 - Textile and Thread Lubricant

OBERON F232 - High Temp Synthetic Base Chain Oil for Food Grade Gear Oil

OBERON F302 - Automatic Transmission Fluid Dextron III

OBERON F303 - Super Endurance Engine Oil (32% Extended Engine Life)

OBERON F307 - Transformer Oil for Superior Dielectic Qualities

OBERON F308 - Turbo Charged Diesel and Gasoline Engine Oil

OBERON F306 - Semi-Synthetic SHP Diesel Engine Oil (SAE 15W40/40)

OBERON F310 - Specially Formulated Super HP Engine Oil Semi-synthetic

OBERON F333 - HP Synthetic Racing Engine Oil Fully Synthetic

OBERON F808 - Multi-purpose, High Temperature, Water Resistant Gear Lubricant (SAE 90/140)

OBERON F809 - High Grade Straight Paraffinic Gear Oil



OBERON G30 - Shear Stable Polyurea Grease for High Speed Electric Motor requirements

OBERON G31 - Centralized system Polyurea Grease

OBERON G32 - Tenacious Track Roller, Pin and Bussing Grease

OBERON G33 - Complete Anti-Seize, High Temperature, and Sealing Lubricant

OBERON G34 - Penetrating Chain, Cable, And Wire rope Grease

OBERON G35 - Extremely Pure Food Grade Grease

OBERON G36 - High Speed Automotive and Industrial Super Polyurea Grease



OBERON G37 - High Performance Low Temperature Grease

OBERON G38 - Multi-purpose E.P. and Water Proof Super Polyurea Grease

OBERON G39 - Fibrous Polyurea Grease for Heavy Industrial and Automotive



OBERON G50 - High Speed, High Temperature, Heat-resisting Grease

OBERON G52 - Spindle Lubricant for High Speed, High Temperature, and High



OBERON G53 - High - Temp Non-Melt Lubricant

OBERON G55 - Open Gear Lubricant (100% Water Resistance and Tacky Characteristics)

OBERON G56 - Multi-Protection Enclosed Gear Box Lubricant



OBERON A620 - Supreme Engine Oil Additive (Ration 1:40 Ratio)

OBERON A622 - Powerful Multi-Purpose Industrial Oil Concentrate (Gear/Hydraulic Additive)

OBERON A623 - Multi-Functional Gasoline Additive

OBERON A624 - Metalworking Coolant and cutting Fluid Additive

OBERON A625 - Battery Additive

OBERON A626 - Superior Engine and Compressor Flush (Ration 1:20)

OBERON A630 - Hydraulic And Transmissions Sealer

OBERON A628 - Industrial Quality Radiator Coolant (Incredible 1:200)

OBERON A656 - Diesel and Heating Fuel Additive (Reduce Polluting Emissions) Ratio1:3000 Diesel, 1:5000 Bunker