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Ordinary lubricants are manufactured from paraffinic base oils that use low grade crudesand undergo a 3-step refining process.

Oberon sets the standards in lubrication engineering with the creation of


The Oberon Iso-Paraffinic Base Oil is made from the finest crudes and goes through a 5-step refining process to achieve the highest level of purity and quality. This process involves:

  1. Distillation
  2. Catalytic dewaxing
  3. Isomerisation
  4. Hydrocracking
  5. De-sulpurization

Oberon Iso-Paraffinic Base Oil features:

  • Extremely high viscosity index (HVI 150)
  • Extra low evaporation loss
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Excellent fluidity
  • High chemical purity
  • Very low ash and acid content
  • Extremely low carbon residue
  • Excellent compatibility with elastomers
  • High solvency for additives

Oberon Iso-Paraffinic Base Oil is further reinforced and enhanced with an exclusive additive package called, OBERON SL3 formulated to:

  • Improve the viscosity index
  • Increase oxidation
  • Keep contaminants in suspension
  • Prevent lacquers and deposits
  • Prevent acid attacks
  • Reduce friction
  • Preventing scuffing
  • Depress the pour point

The final product is a complete Oberon Lubricant, customized to meet the needs of every application.



OBERON F202 - Universal Penetrating Oil

OBERON F220 - Long Lasting Air Compressor Oil (3,000 to 6,000 Running Hours)

OBERON F221 - High Speed Electric Motor Lubricant

OBERON F222 - New Generation Hydraulic Fluid (up to 4000psi)

OBERON F223 - Premier Pure Grade Oil for Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

OBERON F224 - Superior Air Line Lubricant (for FRL Units)

OBERON F225 - Ultra Low Temperature Refrigerator Oil

OBERON F226 - Synthetic Air and Refrigeration Compressor Oil

OBERON F227 - Versatile Cutting Oil

OBERON F228 - Multi-Purpose Maintenance Machine Oil 

                           (circulating systems, bearings, and general lubrication, compressor and hydraulic   

                           systems- E.P. characteristics are not required)

OBERON F229 - Heavy Duty Soluble Cutting Fluid

OBERON F230 - High Quality Heat Transfer Lubricant

OBERON F231 - Textile and Thread Lubricant

OBERON F232 - High Temp Synthetic Base Chain Oil for Food Grade Gear Oil

OBERON F302 - Automatic Transmission Fluid Dextron III

OBERON F303 - Super Endurance Engine Oil (32% Extended Engine Life)

OBERON F307 - Transformer Oil for Superior Dielectic Qualities

OBERON F308 - Turbo Charged Diesel and Gasoline Engine Oil

OBERON F306 - Semi-Synthetic SHP Diesel Engine Oil (SAE 15W40/40)

OBERON F310 - Specially Formulated Super HP Engine Oil Semi-synthetic

OBERON F333 - HP Synthetic Racing Engine Oil Fully Synthetic

OBERON F808 - Multi-purpose, High Temperature, Water Resistant Gear Lubricant (SAE 90/140)

OBERON F809 - High Grade Straight Paraffinic Gear Oil